An event planners job often seems never-ending. From fiding a date, venue, food and, entertainment, the list of tasks goes on and on. While planning the details is important, an event won’t be successful without an audience of attendees; this is where an event planner will move from concentrating on the details of the event to focusing on marketing and promotion. Fortunately, promoting an event can be successfully done in various ways. Here are a few key tips to marketing and promoting an event:

Engaging Content

Content is king! One of the best ways to market an event is creating engaging content that will bring forward attention and awareness. Content can range from blogs or articles, banners and infographics, or even paid ad’s (to mention a few). Gear content toward the target audience to increase the opportunity for a large turnout at the event. 

Social Media 

Social media and technology have become great tools in the world of event planning. Social media sites allow event planners to reach a mass audience with only a few swipes of a screen. Use various social sites to post engaging content created to reach your target viewers. Promotional videos, banners and images are all great forms of content that can reach followers and viewers within an instant. It’s wise to use social media through all stages of your event planning process from the beginning to end. Eventbrite says, “As you prep for your event, and throughout the event itself, engage your social audiences with in-the-moment insider stories; this is an intimate way to make people feel connected to your event and more inspired to attend.” 


Event planners are all too familiar with networking opportunities, and although networking and word of mouth may be a more traditional form of marketing, they are still useful. Use networking opportunities to get the word out about an event and meet potential attendees face to face. Attend other functions within the same space that may share similar audience demographics. 

Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing has been on the rise over the last few years and has become a common way to advertise events, products, and brands. Consider using an influencer as an effective way to promote your event. With extensive social followings, influencers can promote your event and potentially increase the overall turnout.