The entertainment industry is quickly becoming one of America’s largest exports. It is also accounting for a larger and larger portion of the US GDP. Like all other sectors, technology is having a strong impact on entertainment as it begins to remold and reshape its future. Keeping up to date with emerging technologies can help predict where the future of entertainment is heading. Here are three trends that will shape the future of entertainment.

Entertainment will merge with education in both the corporate and scholastic world

Video has long been used for training in the corporate world, but it has also suffered from being long, boring and poorly produced. While employers may feel their employees are there to work rather than be entertained, they have long questioned the value of investing more in tools with better quality and higher production and entertainment value. Studies show again and again that entertainment can actually be a powerful teaching tool. As gamification rises in the corporate sector and VR and AR evolve, you can expect bigger and bigger players in the entertainment world to start providing corporate educational tools as well as educational tools for schools.

Even more crossover

Radio, television and film used to be three very separate and distinct worlds. As the 20th century came to a close, however, those roads began to converge. In the early 21st century a new bond was created between movies, video games and online entertainment, as well as theme park attractions. The latest rising star in this world is VR and AR. In the same way that blockbuster movies spawn albums, video games, a host of online series with side plots and even their own theme parks, you can soon expect a fully interactive experience to be available right in your home.

5G Wireless

More and more people are watching entertainment on-the-go, which means wireless providers are under pressure to keep up. Faster and more reliable mobile connections are also increasing in demand as the IoT spreads into every corner of the globe. When mobile devices are used for far more than just communication and entertainment, the need for greater speed and stability also increases. Soon, your mobile device won’t just give you the latest traffic and weather information or keep you entertained on a long flight or commute, it will unlock your car, your home and even your office.