The glitz and glamour of Hollywood can be difficult to resist, even for those who have no desire to get in front of the camera. The entertainment industry offers a multitude of exciting career opportunities, both onscreen and off. Best of all, job security tends to be high, as people will always crave escapism even during the worst of times. If that sounds appealing, read on for a sampling of careers in the industry that don’t involve acting.

Music Journalism

Skilled writers should look into obtaining a degree in journalism, even as the world of traditional publishing gives way to a broader online focus. If you also happen to have a passion for music, the industry will always need writers to cover the goings-on of artists on both a local and national scale. A minor in music theory, or other relevant experience, would be a helpful boost to your resume.

Entertainment Law

Actors and musicians need lawyers to handle their contracts and affairs, and the supply of work provided is both abundant and fascinating. Depending on the client’s level of success, there could also be issues with copyright law, tabloid protection, and the like. This field requires a fair amount of knowledge about the workings of the entertainment industry, as well as a degree in law.


When you hear a song in a commercial, video game, or movie trailer, you’re witnessing the work of a licensing representative. These individuals collect a portfolio of music samplings, which they attempt to have placed in prominent films or advertising campaigns in an effort to boost visibility. These professionals generally have to start from the ground up in low-level internships or assistant positions, but dedication and experience will get you where you want to go.


Illustrators are always on demand in the entertainment world, even with the rise of social media. Art continues to appear on everything from album covers to movie posters to blog posts, and all are the work of skilled designers. A certain degree of teamwork is often required to ensure that the product is up to everyone’s standards.


We’re not talking about a career as a rock star. There are a lot of less flashy roles that need to be filled as well, from band promoter to radio announcer to recording engineer. Each offers a fulfilling career in the entertainment industry without requiring you to step into the limelight.