Today’s generation of adults grew up reading Choose Your Own Adventure books. With that in mind, it is only natural that other forms of entertainment are adopting that format as well.

One of them is an interactive movie streaming on Netflix. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. Viewers are tasked with choosing what a character does at specific points during the movie. Sometimes it is a simple decision, such as choosing what the character will it. Sometimes the decisions are more complex and affect the outcome of the movie.

Those that are watching this, and other similar movies, aren’t just watching it once and then stopping. They are watching it as many times as it takes to see all the possibilities.

Role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) have assisted in the conception of Choose-Your-Own-Adventures movies. These types of activities give people control over their decisions in a fantasy world, which empowers them to make better decisions in real life.

Games such as D&D allow players the freedom to choose the traits they desire the most. They also teach players how to work with others to make decisions about their movements and actions.

In the case of Bandersnatch, viewers are taught to weigh each decision carefully. However, they face certain limitations when doing so. Their choices are sometimes very limited. Though viewers may see this as a disadvantage, the movie deliberately gives them only limited choices. This is because too many choices would make the process of creating the movie far too complicated.

Another reason why viewers of Bandersnatch have such limited options is that too many of them would make the experience too time-consuming. While video game players make choices as well, they can save their progress in the game and resume at a later date. This can’t be done with an interactive movie, however.

Interactive movies are likely to cause a shift in the industry. As a new twist on an old form of entertainment, these movies will become more commonplace. The creation of software that makes this possible is going to lead to the production of more interactive movies. It also allows for the creation of interactive TV shows for children, many of which are already available for viewing.