The glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry draws the attention of many job seekers each year. Some mistakenly believe they need to go to an expensive film school or take years of acting classes to get into the entertainment world. This is not so. Hard work, skills and dedication are all it takes to get a dream job in Hollywood.

Hollywood Assistant

The entertainment field is highly competitive. Getting in the door with an entry-level position, such as Hollywood assistant, means hard work and low pay but can eventually lead to higher positions.

A Hollywood assistant is an entry-level position that requires minimal experience. Assistants are typically responsible for a multitude of administrative duties and act as a personal concierge to studio executives and agents. Those hoping for the job need to be extremely organized must anticipate the needs of those they serve, have a keen eye for detail and be able to work long hours.


Films and television shows have thousands of props and sets that must be constructed and set up according to the director. Grips are laborers who are responsible for the set. Operating lighting, camera equipment and rigging along with set and prop set up and maintenance all fall under the grip’s charge.

Having a background in electrical or carpentry work is desirable. Grips must also be in good shape as they may be required to climb to heights up to 70 feet or lift several hundred pounds with assistance.

Production Assistant

Production assistants have responsibilities and hours similar to Hollywood assistants. Production assistants work on the set, assisting the film or television crew. The hours are grueling, as production assistants are often the first on the set and the last to leave, but the position often leads to more prominent roles in the entertainment field.

The production assistant sets up tents and tables, ensures that food is plentiful for those on-set, runs errands, helps keep everyone quiet on the set and manages traffic among other duties.

Background Actors

People who make a film or television show more realistic by blending into the background while the main actors take center stage are known as background actors. Being a background actor can give a small amount of experience and a look into the industry to help people decide if acting is what they would like to do.

The hours are flexible and no previous acting experience is required. Many agencies regularly post the need for background actors, making it a simple way to break into the entertainment industry.